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Successfully patch implementation and recovery from WSUS Update fail

Tips for successfully patch implementation and recovery from WSUS Update failed

  1. Manually create system restore point or take backup: in case of failure you will have a working system state so you will be able to roll back on this stage again.
  1. Keep minimum 20% of OS disk free space: this is required many time when you perform recovery, updating patching or also defragmentation of disk. If you don’t have sufficient disk space then you patch will be failed.Windows_Patch

  1. Disable you antivirus before update installation:  many time there can be issue with you antivirus binary and it can be prevent from successful patch implementation.
  1. Install patches not in bunch if have time: some updates are required to other update to be first apply and same as take time to configure the state, if you have time to implement patches then try to implement big patches one by one but in case of .net framework patch , ie security patches you can deploy in bunch
  1. These four services should be running as auto: remember in mind that mention services are fully function at the time of patching.

Stop/Start the BITS service, the Windows Update service, and the Cryptographic service. If any issue through window s

net stop bits

net stop wuauserv

net stop appidsvc


net stop cryptsvc


you can also like http://www.ittechpoint.com/2015/07/wsus-windows-patching-issue-and-solution.html


if you have any other suggestion and query so please let me know we will make this effort more better….


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