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How to turn off Windows Update in Windows 10

If you are running Windows 10 Home or Pro then there is no options to stop or delay the windows update from settings. In windows 10 PC, updates automatically download whenever they available and installed, you can not make the change if you want to stop updates from downloading....
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Free PDF to Excel Conversion Online

PDF to Excel convert online and Desktop tool Benefits of this online conversion site  Complex conversions  Advanced PDF to Excel options for complex data  Large PDF files  Confidential data and documents  Better handling of image PDF documents There is also a premium version of Desktop tool provided by...
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Best Free Windows Admin Tools

It tools for system admin
In IT we all have to use some small tool that help us in system administration, So here I am going to provide a list of Best free admin tool published on 4sysops.com (full credit goes to 4sysops.com). The tools are ordered according to user ratings listed below.  
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Important IT Interview Questions and Answers

Important IT Interview Questions What are the different port nos. in Windows 2000? Ans: LDAP – 389, LDAP – 636(SSL), RPC over IP(Replication) – 135, Net Logon – 137, Kerberos – 88, DNS – 53, RDP – 3389, GC – 3268, SMTP – 25, Telnet – 23, FTP...
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