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Comparison Between Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010

There are two strong messaging software version running in market. With upgrade version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft introduced new features that will force users to upgrade there old exchange 2003 and Exchange server 2007 to new version.

Here we have detailed some difference between them that will help you to decide feature comparison.

Exchange version comparison

Differences between Exchange server 2007 and 2010




Exchange 2007


Exchange 2010


1.       Setup

Supports Exchange 2000, 2003 Supports Exchange 2003, 2007 SP2

2.       Functional level

Minimum Windows 2000 Native Minimum Windows 2003

3.       Management Tools

Both 32bits & 64bit Only 64bit

4.       High Availability

SCC, CCR, SCR, LCR DAG (No Concept Of Clustering)

5.       Mailbox


Supports 50 Storage Groups


– No Storage Groups

– Only Mailbox Databases up to 100


a) Online Defragmentation

– Scheduled nightly

– Storage Groups are under Server Configuration


– 24/7

– Mailboxes are in Organization are not Under Server Org

b) Personal Archive No Archive Support  

– Supports Archiving

– Supports E-Mail Archiving and Retention functionality


c) Business perspective


3rd Party Software required for Archiving

Built-in Feature but requires Enterprise CAL’s

6.       Client Access

Server (CAS)

All Users are connected to Mailbox Server Mailboxes are connected to CAS RPC Client Service

a) OWA Features


Minor Enhancements


Enhanced OWA Options & Features like voice Mail in OWA Search Folders, Message filtering, Conversation View

b) Certificates  

– Manage from EMS

– Exchange Management Shell


– Manage from both EMS & EMC

– Exchange Management Console


7.       Unified Communication (UC)

Introductory role into Exchange 2007 Enhanced Features like Voice Mail, Message Waiting Indicator


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