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Best free backup software for Virtual Machine

The must-have free tool for VMware and Hyper-V Backup and Recovery

There is a tool that I recommended to use for backup and restore the servers and systems at no cost.

This is never going to be fun, of course, but with the right software it will be easier than what you think. And you may not have to spend anything, because there are some great free backup and recovery tools around.

This software support virtualized system backup and recovery so let’s start…




Veeam Backup Free Edition v8

Veeam Backup Free Edition provides a number of powerful utilities for managing virtual machines (VMs). It also provides flexible recovery, with the ability to restore the entire VM or individual VM files, guest files, and Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server and Active Directory items directly from the backup.


Veeam Backup Features and comparison

Feature Free Edition EnterprisePlus Notes
High-Speed Recovery
Entire VM recovery
Full VM recovery Recover an entire VM on the original host or on a different host. Includes Quick rollback functionality to restore changed blocks only.
Instant VM Recovery Quickly restore service to users by starting a VM directly from a backup file on regular backup storage.
VM file and virtual disk recovery Recover individual VM files (such as VMX) and virtual disks.
File-level recovery
Instant File-Level Recovery limited Easily search and recover files from 16 commonly used file systems, including those used by Windows, Linux, BSD3, Mac OS, Novell, Solaris and Unix.
Item-level recovery
Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots (HP and NetApp)1 limited Restore individual VMs, guest files and application items from HP 3PAR StoreServ, StoreVirtual and StoreVirtual VSA snapshots as well as from NetApp Data ONTAP based storage including FAS, FlexArray (V-Series), Data ONTAP Edge and IBM N series snapshots.
Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory limited Search and restore for all Active Directory object types, including users, groups, computer accounts, contacts and passwords. Free Edition supports single-user restores. Enterprise Plus Edition also supports multi-select restore and container restore.
Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange limited Get instant visibility into Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2013 backups for easy e-discovery and item recovery of individual Exchange items (emails, notes, contacts, objects, etc.), Online Archive mailboxes and hard-deleted items. Enterprise Plus Edition also supports restore back to the original mailbox.
Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server limited Restore an entire SQL database with ease, without needing an extensive SQL background or having to search for individual database files. Free Edition only supports local database restores. Enterprise Plus Edition includes agentless transaction log backup and replay, and database restore back to the original server.
Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint limited Get instant visibility into Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013 backups with advanced search and browse capabilities for quick recovery of individual SharePoint items.
Enterprise Plus edition also supports restore to the original location.
U-AIR® (Universal Application-Item Recovery) Recover individual objects for ANY virtualized application including Oracle and MySQL databases.
Self service
1-Click file and VM recovery portal for help desk operators Restore guest files and VMs with a single click through a web UI.
Microsoft Exchange item recovery portal for help desk operators Restore missing mailbox items back to the original mailbox with a single click through a web UI.
Database recovery portal for Microsoft SQL DBAs Restore individual databases back to the original server, or a new SQL server, with a single click through a web UI.
Self-service file restore portal for application owners File restore portal with automatic VM detection, and automatic delegation based on Local Administrator group membership.
Recovery delegation Enable self-service by delegating recovery of data from selected VMs to individual users or groups such as local IT staff, application owners, department members, etc.
Data Loss Avoidance
Application-aware, image-based backups limited Create image-based VM backups for VMware and Hyper-V with a Veeambuilt VSS writer and advanced application-aware processing (such as transaction log truncation) to ensure transactionally consistent backups.
VeeamZIP limited Streamline ad hoc backups of live VMs. Free Edition supports individual VeeamZIP backup creation. Enterprise Plus Edition supports simultaneous VeeamZIP backup creation.
Quick Backup Perform quick incremental backups of individual VMs with the existing backup job.
Backup I/O Control Allows you to set the maximum latency allowed for a data store. Enterprise Plus Edition allows settings on a per data store basis.
Backup from Storage Snapshots (HP and NetApp)2 Create image-based backups and replicas from HP 3PAR StoreServ, StoreVirtual and StoreVirtual VSA snapshots as well as from NetApp Data ONTAP based storage including FAS, FlexArray (V-Series), Data ONTAP Edge VSA and IBM N series snapshots as often as necessary with little to no impact on production that can be saved to tape or other storage such as NetApp E-Series.
Secondary backup to NetApp storage SnapShot
Create a second, application-consistent backup to NetApp Data ONTAP based storage including FAS, FlexArray (V-Series), Data ONTAP Edge VSA and IBM N series.
Storing backups
Synthetic full backup Eliminate the need for periodic full backups by creating “forever incremental” backups that save time and storage.
Built-in deduplication, compression and swap exclusion Decrease backup storage requirements and traffic with built-in deduplication; multiple compression options let you to balance storage consumption with performance and backup proxy load; swap exclusion reduces backup footprint.
Backup Copy jobs Archive VM backups to your storage location of choice automatically; includes validation and remediation to ensure copies are available and reliable.
Enterprise Plus Edition provides Backup Copy jobs with Built-in WAN Acceleration to get backups off site up to 50x faster.
Veeam Cloud Connect Get your backups off site with a fully integrated, fast and secure way to backup and restore from the cloud.
End-to-end encryption limited Secure backup data with end-to-end AES 256 encryption and without any negative impact on built-in compression and WAN Acceleration.
Free Edition allows you to encrypt your backup files as you create them and/or move them to tape. Enterprise Plus Edition includes lost password protection.
Native tape support limited Back up and archive to standalone tapes, tape libraries and virtual tape libraries.
Enterprise Plus Edition adds tight integration with backup jobs and support full tracking of VMs and restore points on tape as well as media vaults.
Deduplicating storage integrations Get faster backup performance by backing up to deduplicating storage integrations (EMC DataDomain Boost, ExaGrid).
Built-in WAN Acceleration Get backups off site 50x faster and save bandwidth with agentless Backup Copy jobs and Built-in WAN Acceleration.
Image-based replication Replicate VMs on site for high availability or off site for disaster recovery.
Assisted failover and failback Replica rollback and assisted failover and failback.
Near-CDP Near-continuous data protection (near-CDP) for any virtualized application, at a fraction of the cost of traditional CDP.
Replication from a backup Create replicas directly from VM backup files without impacting production.
Planned Failover Facilitate data center migrations with zero data loss.
1-Click Failover Orchestration Built-in failover plan orchestration enabling easy 1-click site failover to minimize unplanned downtime.
Built-in WAN Acceleration Get replicas off site 50x faster and save bandwidth.
Verified Protection
SureBackup® Automatically test and verify every backed-up VM for recoverability by running the VM directly from the backup file (no full VM restore is required); includes support for custom application test scripts.
SureReplica1 Automatically test and verify every replica VM for recoverability; includes support for custom application test scripts.
Leveraged Data
On-Demand Sandbox Provides the ability to run one or more VMs directly from a backup in an isolated environment and the ability to troubleshoot, test, and train on a working copy of the production environment without impacting business operations.
Complete Visibility
Support for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V Support for VMware vSphere 4.x or later, and Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 SP1 or later. View both hypervisors from a single console.
vSphere Web Client Plug-in1 Perform VeeamZIP and Quick Backup; monitor backups, easily identify unprotected VMs and simplify capacity planning—all directly from vSphere.
Centralized Management Web UI (Veeam Enterprise Manager) Get a web-based, consolidated view of your distributed deployment in a single pane of glass without having to log into individual backup servers; includes federation of multiple backup servers, centralized reporting and consolidated alerting.
Enterprise Plus Edition also includes full job management functionality, and the ability to perform restores.
Guest file system indexing catalog A catalog of guest files enabling effortless search of individual files, to find and restore a file without knowing the precise file location or the time when it was deleted.
Enterprise Plus Editions also provide a catalog of archived backup files, and integrate with 1-Click to enable restore directly from search results.
vCloud Director support limited Backup vApp and VM metadata and attributes and restore vApps and VMs directly to vCD; also restore fast-provisioned VMs.
Enterprise Plus Edition also supports scheduled incremental backup jobs of vCD VMs.
Other capabilities
Multiple backup options Backup directly from SAN, over LAN1, or from hypervisor I/O stack.
Changed block tracking Minimize backup time and allow for more frequent backup and replication. Supported on both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.
File Manager Integrates file management (Veeam FastSCP™) into the operator console.
Quick Migration1 Migrate vSphere VMs between hosts and/or data stores using VMware vMotion, Storage vMotion and/or Veeam-provided migration technology.
Task automation All editions support PowerShell.
Enterprise Plus Edition also supports RESTful API.

For more information visit http://www.veeam.com/

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