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How To Setup Port Forwarding Using Software

Easy Software Port Forwarding

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Hie Guys, After long break I am going to write one more article on port forwarding. In past I have wrote two article on port forwarding – one of them is manual port forwarding and second one is using Utorrent. But in Utorrent at a time you can’t forward more than one port and that manual port forwarding is quite difficult for non-technical persons. So today in this article I am going to share software which you can use for forwarding more than one port at a time.

For connecting to your remote victim, you should have your port forwarded. You can setup port forwarding using default router panel. But, every router has different options making it complicated. Hence, the best way to setup port forwarding using software. So, In this article I am posting on “how to setup port forwarding using Port Forwarding software “.
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How to setup Port forwarding using Port forwarding software:

Step 1: First download  (Simple Port Forwarding software) and install Port Forwarding Software in your computer and run it.

Step 2: Now click on Search button for finding out your Router and select it from list.

Step 3: Now enter username and password of your router.

Note: Click here to check default username and passwords of routers

Step 4: Now right click in White space area and select “Add New” Or click on + button, New window will get open, in it click on “Add custom”, after that fill the information and click on Add button.

Name: Any name

Type: TCP

Start Port: Any port number which you want to forward.

End Port: Same number which is start port number.

IP address: selected automatically.

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That’s it thus; you are able to setup port forwarding using Port Forwarding Software.


So friends, this was all about how to setup port forwarding using software. Here in this article I have demonstrated how to forward port 10048 and 10049. If you have any problem in this tutorial to setup forwarding using this software please mention it in comments.


Enjoy n setup port forwarding using Port Forwarding Software…


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